Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Constant Reminder

Baby mailings. I am pretty sure all our information has been sold to marketers of every baby product out there. I am so tired of getting promos, magazines, fliers and everything else that is baby related mailed to us. Another reminder of our loss and feeling broken. Hitting you in the face each day as you go to get the mail. Ugh. I wonder how I can stop any of the mailings without spending too much time on it. I am just tired of the reminder.

Love and missing Leia Grace...wish you were here so I could spoil you with everything that the baby companies want me to buy.


  1. Me too. Just threw away ANOTHER baby magazine today-- hit me in the face... "your baby's milestones by month"


  2. Same. Just got a sample of baby cereal in the mail...

  3. I remember getting a box of formula from one of the big formula companies.... My husband had gotten the mail that day and hid it so I wouldnt see it. His plan was to donate it to our local food bank, but I found it a few days later. I just sat in the floor and cried. "To the parents of Nicholas and Sophia H..."

  4. I called the 800 number on it to cancel it. It would take some time to do it for multiple items, but I couldn't take it.