Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dog

Oh what would I do without the love of my wonderful dog? He has endured a bath, blow drying and brushing today. All so he could be taken to a local groomer's office to have his picture taken professionally. I have never had one taken of him before today but for some reason I decided that we would finally do this after having him for eleven years. I couldn't help but think how I should be taking our Leia for pictures rather than the dog. He really has been good and I know he liked all the extra attention. He has always been there for me during up and down times in my life. He takes it all in stride while I give my "motherly" duties to him. I know he loves the attention but damn it I should be showering all my love on a little girl who is not here with us. Life is not fair and bad things happen is what I keep thinking over and over again in my mind. The dog and I also take our daily walks and for some reason today I was thinking about late November/December of last year and how we would walk mid-afternoon's before it got dark and I was eight to nine months along. Walking was a task for me at that point and it was also bitterly cold for the time of year and where we lived. But one day we saw some deer, it was a family of four and I remember saying to Leia and talking to my belly. I said "Oh baby girl, I wish you could see the deer that we just saw." I was rubbing my belly and feeling her move and kick around inside of me. The deer all of a sudden ran off into the wooded area of the road we were on. It was such a sweet moment and for some reason I was thinking of it today as we took our mid-afternoon daily walk just before his bath. I know everyone that has dogs or furry animals in your life will understand this post. We love them just like kids and they also help us get through tough times.


  1. I wish you were walking with her too.

    I love animals, they have a sixth sense about mourning, pain and grief.

  2. two dogs, two inside cats and one outside--they def. know when something is not right. they have been on edge, too. glad you have your pup!