Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today Leia would be two months old had she lived. I will forever mark these days off in my mind and remember her. The 11th for when she was delivered, the 27th for when she was due and Tuesdays. These days and dates will never be the same to me. I think only other mothers who have had the same loss will understand.


  1. Oh yes we do. I have the 14th (day he died), 15th (delivery), 18th (due date/ funeral). It's a whole week of misery.

  2. 1st (birthday), 7th (due date & when he had his stroke), 9th (when he was declared), and 11th (when he donated his liver). I hate that we're nearing the end of the month and the vicious cycle begins again. :(

  3. Absolutely. the 5th is crippling, Sunday nights... just like LJ commented, a new month rolls around and it starts all over again. Not a renewing time as most people would imagine. No clean slate. Just a beginning with sadness every single month.