Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dazed and Thinking About Leia

Some days I am just not with it. I can't seem to remember simple things and it feels like I am walking around in a daze. I am not used to being like this but then again how do you describe grief and getting through it from day to day. I was thinking today how all the items in Leia's room will never get used. I am not ready to let go of anything from that room so for now the door remains closed and I can't even go down the hallway leading to the room. I am missing our little girl and trying to move on but it just seems like everything in our life is on hold. Leia Leia Leia Leia Leia Leia all that goes through my mind. I wish she was here and with us in our lives. We love you Leia.

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