Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Constant Struggle

Today is it sunny and beautiful outside. We are supposed to have mid-80 temps by tomorrow. My day has been even better because a dear friend sent me some gorgeous tulips today. It was a total surprise and brought a smile to my face to have someone take the time to think of sending me something so nice. The bad part is that I am totally feeling guilty since I had not reached out to this friend to let her know of our circumstances so she learned of it via Facebook. That has been the struggle and challenge. Since I went to college out of state I have made many friends in various parts of the country. Add to that a few moves from state to state and hence the reason why I am so far away from some of my good friends. Nonetheless, I have stayed in touch via the wonderful avenue of social networking sites with many friends. I am thankful for that. This friend has struggled with her own fertility issues so I didn't want to intrude on what was already probably a difficult time for her with my pending pregnancy. I feel guilty now for not reaching out to her and to make amends I will call her tonight or over the weekend. I truly do feel bad that I didn't feel I could call her and tell her about Leia Grace and what happened to us. So I am sorry dear friend but please know that I am thinking of you and love you much. To all my friends out there, I am in a different place right now that I can't explain but hopefully I will be back to my self or something similar to it one day. Right now I am taking one day at a time and doing what I can.

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