Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have my days. In recent weeks you would find me laying on our couch and most likely looking at pictures of our Leia Grace. For the first few weeks I think I was in shock and really had little emotion. Then it hit me, I was sobbing all the time. I would break out crying in the shower, I would start while getting dressed and then the worst is when I would walk near the nursery. I get so upset when I am in there and other times I go there to sit and cry. Today it was walking. We had a beautiful warm and sunny day here in the South and I took our dog for a walk on our usual path and I got to thinking about all the walking I had done while Leia was inside of me. I started to cry and think how I was missing her at that moment and about all the walks she would miss out on in the future. It is hard and it hurts. I miss and love Leia Grace and something inside of me thinks I am going to miss her more and more as time goes on. Love you Leia Grace.

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