Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hump Day and Other Ramblings

Well it is the middle of the week and I have gotten past Tuesday. When I worked full-time it was hump day or half way through the week. We leave this weekend for the beach so I should be packing and getting ready to go away. I will get there. I have two more days. I had the appointment with my new therapist today and I am going back tomorrow for another session. It seemed like a good fit and while I cried the entire drive home I think I need to do this and hopefully it will help with my grief for Leia.

Our weather is not helping with all the rain and dreary days. It is supposed to be warm and sunny this time of year but I guess mother nature is working in weird ways giving us far too many dark days. For some reason I am in such a good mood and have a better outlook on the day when it is sunny. I am just hoping it is nice next week when we are away.

The internet. Need I say more? While I think it is a great tool, especially in meeting other bloggers out there in similar situations. I have been so thankful for that and the brave women I have met who are pushing on no matter what situation has been dealt to them. However, on the other hand I am constantly searching about things I probably should not even be thinking about. All this searching is about pregnancies, complications, etc. You get what I am talking about but it can really get you thinking and wondering. I wish I could turn it off or walk away from it. I can't and I think part of me is always going to keep searching because the more information and what I know for the future can only be helpful.

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