Friday, April 1, 2011


Just came across a picture of myself right before the hubs and I were married three years ago this weekend. I look at the picture and think about all the hope we had for our future and the happiness on my face. Right now I am feeling broken, sad, anxious, scared, afraid, lost, fearful and loss. What happened to me? I feel as though I am slipping away from that person that I was. I know I've changed since January and losing our Leia Grace. I am at a very low point today. I've been looking at other pictures too of Leia and really feeling her presence but then also feeling her so gone.


  1. I am feeling all those feelings, too. It's been a sad week. Also thinking and mourning with you.

  2. The old me is GONE. I've just realized/accepted that recently. I will never be the same again. And although I don't care for the new me right now, this is reality. I hope we learn to love our new selves one day. There is too much pain now, but maybe one day? I am hopeful for that.

  3. Yes, you have changed. Losing a child changes us all. But I have faith that while we will never be the person we were before, we will in time grow to like the new person we are becoming.