Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Life

Hi everyone. Almost through this month but something ironic happened. I called my sister this past weekend (Sat) and told her I wanted to end our feud or whatever was keeping us from talking. She agreed and we had a conversation. Then, the very next day she took my Mother to the ER because her kidney infection was not improving. They found my Mother has a porcelain gallbladder meaning that she must have surgery to remove it and she also has a stress fracture in her back which is quite common with older women and especially if they have osteoporosis which she does have. So I am glad they found this but also worried about my Mother and how she will handle the surgery and recovering. She is 80 years old and has also had arthritis for 60 of those years. It is always something. I am hoping to get up north in the next couple of months to see my family.

So to end this post, I caved in, I conceded and made amends. That is my giving back. I hope it works this time. 

XOXO, Shell

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