Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14/Giveaway!

Well our weekend away to the beach was wonderful. It felt good to hear the ocean and have my feet in the sand. The weekend temps were in the low 70's so it was a great weekend to get away and clear our minds. We wrote Leia and Landon's names in the sand but for some reason the picture I thought I took did not show up on my phone. So will try again the next time we are at a beach. I guess it gives us reason to go back, right? I was happy most of time, we did some sight seeing, shopping and enjoyed a lovely dinner out at a little Bistro in Beaufort. Many thanks to the owner and staff as they kindly took us to a table even though most weekends reservations are required at their restaurant. They were all so friendly and enjoyed talking/playing with LB. The only time I cried was when my hubs played a Coldplay song on our way home....Fix You. Yes, it gets me every time. Miss our baby girl so much but the only thing I can do is go on and enjoy LB and the fact that he is here with us.

So to play catch up, I am doing a free giveaway today to one person who comments. I will randomly pick a winner by putting their names in a hat and have LB pull the name. What do you get? It is a random surprise but it does center around the next major holiday coming up...Valentine's if you don't want more V-Day stuff you may not want to comment!

I've got Peter Walsh's challenges to catch up on (four days - yikes), various house duties to do, get some of LB's clothes sorted and prepare for a class that I start taking tonight for 3 hours. I am looking forward to getting out of the house and appreciate my hubs is helping me to take this class.

Happy Monday and please comment for you chance to win a package of goodies sent to your home from yours truly.

XOXO, Shell


  1. You don't am have to enter me in the giveaway bc you have already done something nice for me, so just ommenting to say tHANK yOU for the earrings! So sweet and thoughtful? I will pay it forward! Love ya! Glad u had a nice trip and that song gets me every time too

    1. Molly, glad you got them. I hope they made the USPS without damage. I know you like the beach and thought you might like. :)

  2. Entering Amy Randolph. (this is a test, I have people telling me they can't comment...ugh!).

  3. I'm loving the Peter Walsh challenges, aren't you?

    Ahhhh the beach, we live so close to it but never take the time to really go and we should more often.

    Hope you enjoyed the start of your course. :)

    Maybe we can work on Nik to get down this way for a joint trip to my house and your house. :)

  4. Oooh, I love Valentine's Day goodies! :)