Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2

Well today is the second day of January and I decided to make a quick trip to Target. We needed some wedding wrap and a card (which I forgot, of course). I wanted to be in and out fairly quick and was also determined to not get sucked into their deals or all the stuff they have, that I love TOO much. I was making a return at their front customer service desk when I noticed there was a young woman working in the front area and she had Down's. I got all excited thinking I needed to go through her lane and be happy that Target has hired this lady. I then realized all they had her doing was wiping down registers and straightening the items they have for sale in the check-out lanes. I was disappointed but also happy that at least they hired her and she is doing a job. At the moment as I was leaving customer service another employee from the store loudly yelled to the young woman, "When are you gonna be a cashier?", and proceeded to walk off laughing with another fellow employee behind her. I looked at the young woman as she continued to work. I could see she was upset and trying to ignore this rude comment. I got so mad. I really wanted to find a manager and voice my concern and unhappiness with the employee that made the comment. I couldn't find a manager. I also thought that being with LB I need to remember that I want to set an example and also that I need to think about him and how I act in public. So I left the store but before leaving I found the young woman, pulled out some cash from my purse and gave it to her. I told her to have a nice lunch on me and have a happy new year. She smiled brightly at me and thanked me. I felt much better knowing I had done something to make her feel appreciated and a member of our society. She is working and trying to better herself. That has to count for something. When I left the store I got sad. I started to think about what life would have been like for our Leia had she lived. Would she have encountered people like this? Most certainly, because she looked different and would be different. I call it people being ignorant and bullies. I am mad and I am not stopping here. I did call the store and make a complaint and I have emailed Target. This might lead to a boycott of my favorite store but I'd better hear from someone and they better tell me they have addressed the staff at this store. In my opinion they all need some training on diversity and working with others who may have a disability or not be like them. I know my hubs will be happy if I don't frequent Target as often as I have in the past but I am not letting this go. I want awareness to be made and that we all treat each other as we would want to be treated.

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