Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Clean-Up

Those close to me know that I am a neat freak. I haven't always been this way but I have become more and more like this. I am not sure why. Was it because I grew up in a messy house? Do I have OCD? Do I like to hoard? I tend to think I like to be the opposite of what I have experienced. I didn't have much growing up but I did have a loving family, food on our table and my parents instilled in me the importance of education. I got that. I got the husband and now the baby. My life should be great, right? Wrong. I think I like doing all the organizing things because it is my one way of having control. I have 15 years experience of working in corporate america. Organizing meetings, enrolling employees in benefits, interviewing (that part I DON'T miss), phone calls, busy, busy, busy. Most of my days in the HR world were busy and hectic. Yeah there were some days that were dull but for the most part, I never knew what my day would bring. An employee issue? A weird interview, a boss looking for a project, etc., etc. I thrived on it and while I don't miss the structure and early mornings I do miss the people, the community, the connection you make working with others. So in the meantime I will continue to organize, clean, sell on-line at home and raise my little boy the best way I know how. After all, I have turned out okay and I didn't have any pre-school but I did have lots of love and caring parents.

Peter Walsh, famed organizer well known from Oprah and having his own show that I am not sure is still on but he will be on Rachel Ray tomorrow (Wednesday). He has been having a challenge on Facebook of doing one thing each day for ten minutes. The challenge today was your medicine cabinet or as in my case the drawer. Here are the results. I think I did pretty good! 



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