Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leia's Furry Brother

I wrote back in March a post about this topic. Above is a picture of my doggie taken back in March, his name is Chug and for the past eleven years he has been a huge part of my life. I got this cute little doggie about the time that I was really starting to have motherly instincts kick-in and thought that having children would be great. In essence he has been my child for the past decade. For everyone out there with furry friends, you know what I am talking about. In the time I've had him I've survived my first marriage ending, two moves that were to two different states, met and married my current husband (the best thing to have happened in my life), a job loss not by my choice but was probably for the best and of course most recently the biggest loss in my life, losing my daughter Leia Grace. He has been through all the up and downs of my life. I am so lucky to have this doggie around. He senses when I am down and always like any dog is so happy when I arrive home. I just can't write enough about how much this doggie means to me.

I used to think during the pregnancy about how he would be affected by Leia's arrival. I knew he would adjust eventually and start to realize that he was no longer "top dog". He would have been a great furry brother and friend to her, this I know for sure. I don't know how much longer I have with him, but I do know one thing. I am going to enjoy the time I have with him and that means daily walks where we enjoy nature and being outside. It means taking the time to appreciate his presence and him being around. Since he has a very serious pancreatitis condition I am not sure when his life might be over. It is the little things that matter. I need to keep moving forward, thinking more positive and living life more happily. My life has drastically changed in the past four months but how I react and handle myself going forward make me stronger each day.

Thinking of you always little Leia Grace. We love you so much, Mommy, Daddy & Your Furry Brother


  1. I remember you wrote abut Chg before. He's so beautiful. I too believe he would have been a great friend to Leia. I hope he gets well and has lot many years with you. Lots of love to you, Chug (he seems so innocent in this pic) and to Leia.

  2. Chug is so cute. :) I'm sure he would have been a great "big brother". Hoping you have a long time with Chug, but even if you don't, think about how much love you've given to him to make him feel like such a big part of the family ;)

    I disagree w/ LVM though, he looks like trouble!! ;) The cutest ones always are!!! ha

  3. Chug is such a cutie. I am sure he would have been a great companion to Leia just like he has been to you. I hope you get many more years with him.

  4. Chug is adorable . My dogs have been my lifeline in the last 9 months. Amazing creatures. Hoping that you and Chug have many many many more days together.