Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five Months Today

Today is FIVE months. Five months ago we said hello and good-bye to our sweet Leia Grace. I have been sobbing, crying, thinking of what should have been and our reality. This is not how we had planned it. Our lives are forever changed and we have a new and different way of life. I take more time now to enjoy little things and worry less about things I used to. I had plans today to get outside and work on a little garden area in honor of my Leia Grace. I just haven't had the energy to get to it as of yet. Hopefully, I will be able to get to it later today.

Thinking of other BLM's who are also at this same mark today. Particularly LauraJane and Kelly. I am thinking of you both and sending love and hugs your way.

Dear Leia Grace, I miss you more every day. You are in my heart and I think of you constantly. I wish I could go back to the nine months that I had with you during the pregnancy. I love you so much baby girl. Love, Your Mommy


  1. xox, right back at you.

    so awful, SO not what we had planned. :(

  2. Thank you Shell. I still have the chills that you said hello and goodbye to sweet Leia at the same moment we said bye to Adam. (((hugs))) to you on this difficult day.

  3. Thinking of you . How nice it would have been if it were you celebrating your daughter's five happy healthy months instead. World is a cruel place

  4. Thinking of your precious Leia Grace. xoxo