Monday, December 31, 2012

31 Days of Paying It Forward

The last day of 2012, WOW! It some ways it has been a great year for my family, our son came into the world and changed our lives forever. To that I am so grateful for the positive outcome and having LB in our lives. With his arrival brought on some depression that I think I had been battling since losing our first born, Leia. The depression was not good and was affecting my everyday life. I am on meds now that make me stable and able to go on with my life. So for that and all that I battled with it, I am glad to see 2012 go. I don't want to think about the attempt I made taking my life or the two times I was hospitalized. I was away from LB and that hurt but I know that each time I had to be there to help myself. The second visit finally put my on the right track and made it possible for me to cope again. I also joined a group that helped me to understand that what I was going through was not my imagination and that I did have a problem that other women also go through. Suffering from post-partum depression (PPD) that most women don't talk about. I thank all the staff and nurses who helped me on each visit to the hospital. The nurses especially who are amazing women and what they do in helping women with PPD is awesome. I thank all my friends and family. The friends who brought meals, who came over and sat with me when I was probably thinking about something else. The family who visited when LB was born and supported me. My wonderful husband who stood by me and has made our bond much stronger. We look forward to 2013 and celebrating five years of marriage, though I think the last two years have been the toughest on us both. Anyone who helped me/us during 2012, if I haven't acknowledge it to you in person, I do it now. THANK YOU for helping me during a tough time in my life.

So to that I want to do some good in the new year of 2013. I am having 31 days of paying it forward or doing a good deed. I want to spread being nice and doing something just because or for no reason. I am going to try and post each day what I have done though don't hold me to it because remember I do have a baby who is 7 months old and does require a great deal of my time and attention.

To kick it off I started the last day of this year with giving. A friend who happens to be expecting and is due on 1/11/13 (how ironic, right?). Well I surprised her today with two bags of baby items and a box of newborn diapers. Some of the items were left over from when we were expecting Leia and some items were from Landon that could go either way for a baby. I know she appreciates and needed these items. It felt good to give to someone who I know won't say what she needs but that she appreciates what I have done.

Happy New Year and Happy 2013! What is your resolution for the new year? Feel free to give me a comment and you just might get something for that!

Hugs to all!!!

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  1. Shelly,

    You are such a strong person! Thank YOU for allowing me to be a part of your life! I tell people that you are my adopted daughter!

    Hope 2013 will be a fabulous year for you and Steve as you raise Landon together.

    Landon is so wonderful and adorable and I know how difficult losing Leia was. She will never be replaced but she is in your heart and you will see her again. I don't think I could have handled losing a baby with as much courage as you did. Remember her and love her. She knows your heart and you know hers. Celebrate the months that you carried her. She is your JOY and so is Landon: sister and brother together!

    Love you!