Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas is Over...Yes!

Hi all. I've been slacking here and not keeping up with everyone. I am sorry. I really have tried to be the person who does it all and kept up, but some things slip.

So the Christmas holiday is over and just need to get on to NYE and New Year's Day. I was thinking today about 1/11/13. I can't believe it has been almost two years. I get sad thinking about it but also trying to do some good to remember Leia this year.

As mentioned earlier in recent posts we had family coming in for Christmas. It was the second time that my hubs mother has seen LB and first time for his Dad. It really made the holiday much more special celebrating with a little one. He had no idea what it was all about but he laughed and made us all happy. We took him to see Santa, we had him open some presents and toted him everywhere. Several meals out but he was always entertaining or amusing us all in one way or another. Love that boy and so happy he is here with us to make us all happy and feel like we have a life again.

My mother-in-law is lovely and spoils LB very much. She can be forward and has no filter. I attempted to give my sister-in-law some clothes that I know I would not be wearing and she told me if I would lose the weight that maybe I could wear them one day. Ugh. Like I really needed to hear that, right? Oh well. I didn't go into any details, but really? So I proceeded to order a calorie high meal just to spite her. I thought, well the New Year is coming but I might as well enjoy a burger and shake since we are out. Sure, I could stand to lose 20 pounds and I know this but I don't need to be reminded of it.

And while we are on the subject, she has some good intentions but telling me that LB needs a bath every day and that I need to reduce the formula intake when he eats solids. Yes, I know this but thanks for letting me know. I also heard about how my hubs was never as big as LB is and she hopes he can lose his weight when he starts walking. Let the baby enjoy life and don't worry about his weight!

All in all it was a good christmas holiday and hopefully we have many more to come in the years ahead.


  1. Babies are supposed to be fat!

    Also, why does a baby need to be bathed every day? Totally untrue - for those with sensitive skin it can be quite damaging.

  2. Christina, yes. I agree with your statement. I am not worried, he will lose some when he starts walking.

    Hope your well. Let's meet up again soon. Okay?