Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Well we are in full swing of holiday season. Landon gets to see Santa this week and then my hubs parents fly in this Saturday which means a trip to the airport and probably lunch or dinner out with them.

So had another dispute/argument with family. I just don't get where this person gets their ideas or some of the things said. I have decided it is best if I keep this person out of my life for the time being. It hurts and especially with the holidays approaching it really breaks my heart to know that we are not talking. Life goes on and while I can forgive I am not sure I can forget the things said in recent weeks and months.

LB has been waking during the night for the past week so we decided to give him some cereal last night before his last bottle for bed. This worked great and he slept all the way through the night and almost nine hours. So we just got out his high chair that has been in a box on our third floor. It really was Leia's but of course will be used for LB. We had never got it out of the box when we were expecting Leia. I have diligently checked to make sure it has not been recalled or that anything is wrong with it since it is over two years old.

I am just about done with decorating, shopping is done. Just one or two more boxes need to be mailed out. I hope to get that done tomorrow. Some light baking and meal planning for Christmas Eve and we should be set.

Here are some pictures of what we have decorated so far. A happy holiday to you all and wishing that your time with your families is joyous and peaceful.


  1. Love the pic of LB in Leia's purple bumbo! Mason used Addi's pink one until he could sit on his own and I miss it! I just couldn't decorate this year, but I love that you were able to xxxoo

  2. Landon is such a cutie! Merry Christmas!