Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recycling Day and Giveaway

So Tuesdays is garbage day here in our community. I hauled out every last piece of cardboard and recycling this morning. The garbage people are gonna love us today...NOT! So in honor of recycling I am giving away this item that I bought probably over 10 years ago and have never used. I have also put with it a cookie cutter honoring the holiday we are all about to celebrate (well most of us, not all, I respect whatever you celebrate!).

So for the giveaway...tell me the time you think our garbage is picked up. Even though I put it out already they won't get here till sometime this afternoon. The person with closest time gets the prize! Good luck and feel free to share my post, start following me and put this to your Facebook page.


  1. I would guess 3:40 PM. I love giveaways! Doesn't it feel good to get all the trash & recycling out of your house & garage & get it to the street? xoxo

    1. Sarita, it came around 2:30pm. A lady won on my FB page cause she guessed 3:17....she lost her hubs this fall in a plane crash...so it was nice to give to her and her three daughters. On another note...my birth bother that I have found lives in Dallas. She has alzheimer's. I am doing dna testing soon so we have confirmation. So much has happened to my life in the past 2 years. Well good to hear from you. I was starting to think everyone abandoned my blog. :(