Friday, July 15, 2011

This is My Life

I just came across a piece of paper that I had dated 12/29/10. I was still pregnant then with Leia and just got a flashback to that time. I just had to say to myself that I cannot believe this is my life. Life without her here. It sucks. I miss her so much and can't believe this is my reality. I wish sometimes I could just sleep the days away but I know that is not possible. Filling my days with distractions and just getting by it seems. I don't see how our life will be any better. My hubs tells me that we will have better days. Friends tell me this as well as my family. I just wonder when.

Thinking of and missing you Leia Grace. Mommy loves you so much.


  1. Yes it's hard to believe this is our life now. And it hard to imagine there will be better days.

    All those dreams I had dreamt when pregnant with my baby are crushed. I don't have the courage to dream again.

    Am taking life as its thrown at me now. Day by day.

    Thinking of you ver much.

  2. Everyone tells us it will get better, and I believe it does, but just because it gets better doesn't mean that void we feel is any less. I hate knowing I have to live without Liam and you without Leia. I just sucks:(
    Thinking of you...

  3. is SO hard, I know how you feel. There are so many things I wish I could say, but there is just not enough room to write. I wish you would get my book I just don't have to of course, but I talk so much about this. About how hard it was to move on and how I felt like God was so far away, but yet He was there pulling me through even on some VERY dark days I went through. It is hard to believe this is OUR new life, but I am praying for God to give you strength when you need it the most right now!