Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ultrasound and Doctor Appointment

This past Friday we went in for our scheduled ultrasound to check for baby's growth and development. All is on track at this point. Baby is weighing 2 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring one day ahead. We were able to hear the heartbeat and it was measured at 155 bpm. There is an issue with one kidney but the specialist who reviewed our ultrasound and our doctor seem to think it will work itself out in the next few weeks. They will check again at our next ultrasound that we have scheduled in five weeks. We are not too worried about this and our doctor said it is common to see this with many babies and he is not worried. He explained to us what would happen it if doesn't go away which would mean some minor surgery after the baby is born. 

As in my last ultrasound I found it again very emotional. I was wiping away tears and trying not to think about the many ultrasounds I had in the same hospital with Leia. Fortunately, we had the same technician that we had seen back in October and she was very nice and seemed to understand our concerns. I have scheduled our next ultrasound at another location so hoping that goes better next month. We also had our monthly doctor appointment and he again checked everything out that had happened to me a few weeks ago and seemed to think it was probably just a one-time occurrence and that I just need to be a little more careful and make sure I stay hydrated. I felt so much more at ease after talking with him and he really seems to get where we are coming from and always seems to take so much time with us and so understanding. I also passed the gestational diabetes test and I am not anemic so no need for extra iron supplements at this point. Overall it was a good appointment and we will go back in another three weeks. He did go over kick counts and when he wants me to do them and his detailed instructions. I am really going to take this very seriously this pregnancy and track them diligently and have the sheet hanging on our fridge that the hospital gave us to update each day. I will do them each night about half an hour after our dinner. He explained what I would need to do if there is an issue or if I see decreased activity with the baby. I did kick counts with Leia but never wrote down or was consistent with the time of day that I did them. I think sometimes I failed Leia because if I had been more serious about the kick counts that they would have detected her decreased growth, etc. I will always wonder about this.

I put in below a picture of our little one and as you can see their hand is up and kind of waving. I like to think of him/her as waving at us. It really was nice to see and hear our baby last Friday. Just hoping all continues to go well with the pregnancy and that in about 12 weeks (give or take), we get to meet him/her in-person.

Happy Sunday everyone and hope your enjoying the weekend!


  1. Gorgeous baby!

    I identify with how you feel. I blame myself for not being vigilant about kick counts too. I did them all the time with my rainbow baby.

  2. So happy that you & baby are doing well! Yay for good news! xoxo