Sunday, February 5, 2012

25 Weeks and Other Ramblings

Today we hit 25 weeks for the pregnancy. We had a regular appointment with our OB specialist this past Friday. We were able to hear our baby’s heartbeat and see him/her wiggling around in my tummy. Heartbeat was 140 and doc said my amniotic fluid and placenta look good. It was a fairly routine and quick appointment but I am always happy to hear that lovely sounding heartbeat and know that for the moment all “SEEMS” to be going well. The next appointment is in 3 weeks and will be a biggie. They will do an ultrasound and check for growth of the baby and I will also have the GD test.  Therefore I was sent home with the lovely orange bottle that I need to drink just before my appointment with the specialist that will be after the ultrasound. I am not worried about the GD test as I passed it with flying colors with my pregnancy with Leia but will be glad to get it done and out of the way.

My ride into the appointment was thoughts of Leia. I always have her on my mind when I do this particular drive and go into the hospital where she was born. It gets easier every time but I still have thoughts of how she should be here. I so miss our little girl and think of her all the time.

Last weekend when we hit 24 weeks or 6-months I was looking at the tracker on my phone and starting to feel a little panicky since it clearing pointed out that we have 16-weeks remaining. I wanted to run out the next day and get all the remaining items and things we need but I know I can’t do that. I want to wait a little bit longer. We also need to move the nursery and paint but that can all be done in one-weekend Thinking we may do that at the end of March when my hubs gets done teaching for the semester.  I want to be hopeful and think all will continue to go well but as everyone that is in this boat you know it is hard to think that way. I also know that when I get to 37 weeks I am going to be really nervous and just wanting to reach the end and delivery and have a healthy baby.

On another note last Saturday I came down with a terrible cold that included head congestion, sneezing and just a general feeling of lousiness. You all know that with a second pregnancy sneezing is just a different challenge that leads to other things. The first couple of days I struggled and didn’t take anything other than Claritin or Benadryl. I finally broke down on Monday and paged the nurse who works with my specialist and she approved Afrin that worked wonders. I have normal congestion and sinus issues in general which I think comes from being pregnant but also suffer from a deviated septum so with the cold it was really making it difficult to breathe. I finally felt better by mid-week and have been sleeping a ton this weekend to help me get better but now my hubs has gotten the dreadful thing so hoping he gets over it soon. Ah…the joys of winter and sickness.

The other thing weighing heavily on my mind lately is my Mom and Dad. I talked with another family member who told me some things I was not aware of that are going on. I think my sister has been trying to shield me from some of the things they have been doing especially since she learned of this pregnancy because I know she doesn’t want to burden or add any stress to my life right now. It is hard watching your parent’s age and go from being independent and having their own life to seeing them do things that are not good for them. The irony of this whole story is that my father had a brother who suffered from Alzheimer’s and therefore my mother was always worried that my dad would get it as well. The opposite has happened and my mother has been suffering from dementia and forgetfulness. It really is sad and I know they want to be independent and not rely on anybody else but when you hear that their grandson has offered to move into their house because he thinks they need help than you know that something needs to be done. I love my parents dearly and only want the best for them but it is also extra difficult because I am over 600 miles from them and hearing all of this and living so far away is very hard. I know my sister wants them to move into her house but that would mean them uprooting and moving away from everything they know and have been around all of their lives. Assisted living is out of the question due to the cost and so there are not many options. It is so hard and so wish I was closer to them to help out more. I hope to talk with my sister later today about what I recently learned and what I can do to help the situation. Here is a picture of my parents. They have been married 62 years this year!

So I decided this past week that if I couldn’t be in person to see my family that I would whip up some cookie goodness and send it to them along with some pretty valentines that I found that just happened to have ladybugs on the card that remind me of Leia. I spent the better part of yesterday morning making some chocolate chip sugar cookies shaped like hearts and molasses cookies which are my daddy’s favorite. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual cookies but here is the finished product ready to be delivered. I hope to make some more next weekend for neighbors and friends. I really do like baking and especially enjoy sharing the finished product.

I hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. So happy to hear that you're doing well. Ugghh that winter sickness is the worst isn't it? We just spent a month having it go from one person to another no matter how much precautions we took.

    Oh my your parents are the sweetness, but what an awesome gift to have someone to be able to move with them. Absolutely it will be a relief to know that someone is able to see first hand and help them out. If they aren't set up with meals on wheels possibly that is another burden that could be lifted from their daily activity as well. Let Nik know so maybe the pastor could visit or even a couple of church members every once in a while. :)

    Yummy goodies are always a welcome treat!

    Much love,

  2. Drank that lovely orange drink myself this week, yuck! Glad to hear everything looks good with Leia's little brother or sister. Always wonderful when we don't have any "new" worries to add to the list since we haveso many already!

    Very sad about your parents and being so far away doesn't help. Good idea with the cookies and Leia inspired card.

  3. Your parents look like such a loving couple. I hope everything works out for them. Its good to hear your pregnancy is going well. xo