Friday, November 30, 2012

Southern Living

In Southern Living magazine, they interview some celebrity and ask the following questions.  Let's pretend I'm a celebrity and you're reading Southern Living

I will now tell you things about myself you never [knew you] wanted to know.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT... my iPhone, my son and the diaper bag. I must confess I left the diaper bag at home the other day but it was okay.

THE MOST STYLE YOU CAN GET FOR UNDER $25... a scarf.  I love my scarfs too!

MY VANITY IS ALWAYS STOCKED WITH...lotions, especially anything that smells like almond. This includes for my nail stuff and hands. I especially like Laura Mercier hand lotion (I guess Jennifer Aniston uses it as well).

BEST SHOPPING ADVICE...  don't be scared to shop off-season.  I have also found amazon as of recent and it is great! You can find anything on there and it is so much cheaper than in the stores!

I ALWAYS SPLURGE ON... handbags and good quality shoes. I buy most of my clothes used or at consignment shops. They are awesome!

I ALWAYS SAVE ON...  t-shirts.  

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS...  jeans that flatter her butt and comfortable ballet flats or boots.

MY SECRET STYLE SOURCE... undergraduates at my hubs lab.  Mostly my husbands students dress pretty cool, but sometimes they wear really cute stuff or accessorize in a unique way that I find inspiring.

MY MUST-HAVE FOR WINTER... my brown boots and North Face black fleece.  So I can pretend I still live in upstate NY (NOT)!

You know you want to do this, too.  Let me know in the comments if you post your own Southern Living celebrity interview.

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