Monday, November 26, 2012

Can I Get a Break?

Well the past month has been very busy and eventful. Landon and I made our trip north and put on over 900 miles in 5 days. Our trip started at the airport with an 11am arrival and not getting to our destination till almost 10pm that night. I just gotta say that traveling with a little one is very nice because for the most part people are very understanding and helpful. We even got to fly first class which was very nice since I had never done that before. I know Landon is not going to remember that flight but I always will!

So on our trip we got to see many of my friends and family. I also got to see the rest home where my Dad/Mom have volunteered quite a bit and spent many years helping out at. It is the rest home that my uncle started and is now run by my cousin. He took me on a tour and everyone he introduced me to knew my folks. They had many good things to say and mostly they missed seeing them. I also got to see my folks briefly for about 3 hours. It was great to see them with Landon and it made my heart melt when my Dad and Mom both held him. I don't care that they have no memory of this day. I always will.

Of course no trip north would be complete without a speeding ticket. Yes, I got one while Landon was in the back. I am one of those mothers who likes to jam out to a song and then realizes that I am speeding and in this process a cop got me with his laser. He says I was going 79 in a 65. I plead guilty and paid the fine which was only $130.00. If I had gotten a ticket like that here in NC I would have paid more than $400.00. I know this since I worked for an attorney who handled these kind of tickets. The good thing is that it won't hit my insurance since I was out of state. I guess there is a silver lining somewhere in this story.

At the moment my hubs and I are at odds on financial matters. He wants to know every dime I am spending but if he goes and spends something that is a different matter. He picked up a restaurant bill for close to $130.00 this past Friday and he is mad because I bought shoes that were $95.00. All I can say is that my years of being single are catching up to me because I always bought what I wanted. I am not used to being under a microscope for what I spend. It is really bothering me. I call it retail therapy. If we are paying off our credit card bills each month then what does it matter? Ugh. So now I am sleeping on the couch. I'll make the guest bedroom up tomorrow and be in there tomorrow night if we are still at odds.

Well Happy Monday everyone! It is Cyber Monday...I think I'll do some internet shopping....oh wait, I gotta get it approved first. HAHA!

Here are some pics from the past month. Enjoy and hang in there. Much love, Shell


  1. He is so so beautiful, and handsome and gorgeous.
    If I hadn't had a fight with h for more than a week, something feels amiss. Then we quarrel and things return to normal.

    Much love to Landon. You look very beautiful too.

    1. Hello. Good to hear from you. I think of you often. I don't get near enough time to blog or write as much as I'd like. I need to get back to it. Much love to you across the miles.

  2. What a cute little man you have!

    Sucks about the speeding ticket, but it's great you got to see your parents in there for a bit. Glad to see you're doing well (this is the first time "we've" seen you- ha!).

    1. LauraJane,
      I just realized that about the pics too. Can you believe? I feel like a different person but then again...I am. Much more outgoing, laughing, smiling. I never did this stuff. I chalk it up to the cymbalta but maybe it is Landon too. I needed this in my life to soften me a bit and make me appreciate life. I guess this is why I feel more passionate about what happens with my parents now too. I gotta check out your blog soon. << Hugs >>