Friday, November 16, 2012

Anybody Want Some Frozen Embroyos?

Hi All, life has been crazy. Landon (LB) and I went up north last week for a visit. We had quite the experience from losing our bottle ring at security, a crying session at the terminal (my worst nightmare) and a long flight delay. We started at the airport at 11am and arrived in Cleveland at 9:30pm. We were both tired and road wary after that day. We did have a few good days with friends and family and then had to turn around and come back. So two flights, 900 miles in a rental car and many friends and family seen we are now back home suffering from a nasty cold (that the hubs has gotten as of today). I did get a speeding ticket as well (first in 5 years and I did work for a traffic attorney for some of that time, ha!). If I recall correctly the last time I was in Ohio I got pulled over but was single and able to talk my way out of that ticket, not so much this time. It does not help having a babe in the back seat in a car seat. Oh and by the way just before my trip I got two pages of non-identifying information about my birth mother and yes, I have a half-sister that was 2 years old when I was adopted. The other major thing in life is my parents and my sister. We are all not getting along. My sister and I don't see eye to eye on what or how my parents should be spending their days. My sister and I are really not talking and if we do it is through emails. Can anything else be going on in my life? Oh yes, our frozen embryos. We finally have won the right or gotten approval from our fertility clinic to give our remaining 5 frozen embroyos away. We have asked or talked with three different couples and they have all declined due to different situations. All of the couples were very appreciative and thankful for us thinking of them. So does anybody out in blog land want some frozen embryos? We have 5 that have been frozen since May, 2010. We would of course want an attorney or lawyer involved to draw up how this would all be handled. We do not want contact or any part of the child's life. That is if everything should work out. We would just like to give the opportunity to another family that may be struggling to have or conceive a family. Let me know. Feel free to email me at msischo18 at yahoo. Full disclosure here in that the embroyos that are frozen have not been tested and also keep in mind that Leia, our first born daughter did have Down syndrome. Our fertility doctors said this should be told to anyone interested in our embryos. We did have Landon all on our own, so guess that is a good thing. So I close this post wishing you all a good Thanksgiving holiday. Be thankful for your family, hug and kiss them. Appreciate your family and all the friends in your life. Life is too short to be arguing with family. Love and hugs to you all. Below is a picture of Landon today while we were chilling out trying to feel better. Why do babies look like they are never suffering and always happy? It is because nothing has happened to them. They don't have life experiences. I only hope our LB will be happy forever. I never want him sad.

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