Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Frozen Embryos

Since last May our fertility clinic that we went to for Leia has been hounding us about what we want to do with the five frozen embryos that we have storing with their office. I have to admit that I have put off dealing or even thinking about this issue.

The perplexing question that is still bothering me and making me sleepless at night and probably anxious is that we decided back in July that we would donate them to another family who was also probably struggling to conceive or grow their family. Since having gone through these issues myself I know first hand the emotional roller coaster one can go through in trying to build a family. When one cannot conceive you feel so helpless, worthless, etc. It is not an easy road to be on and I understand the heartache that others have been through. So when we decided to donate we got this HUGE packet in the mail from the fertility office. I neglected to open it or do anything with it. I just didn't want to deal with it. I felt like I had told them what we wanted to do so that would be the end of it. We would fill out some forms and be done with it. Our mantra now is one and done. (Though in my eyes we have two children but to most of the outside world we have one baby). Not the case. They were asking up for recent physicals and to go to a lab for some testing. What? Why? How? (Back in the summer I was in no state to think about driving an hour away where the office is much less going into another medical office). I mean what is the point of a physical now since the embryos were frozen two years ago? What is really the point now? After several emails and discussions over the phone they have agreed to pay for the labs they need however they are still asking for us to get recent physicals. So for now I sit and wait and continue to think about this issue. I feel in my opinion that these are OUR frozen embryos and that maybe, just maybe we should have some say or be able to decide what is done with them.

Anyone out there in blogging world been through this? I'd love some advice, opinions or views on this issue. In the end what I would REALLY like to do is hand pick five people that I would like the frozen embryos to go to and then be done. I am not sure any of them would take or work but it would be worth a try.

Thanks in advance for any input or comments. Have a good weekend everyone!!!

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  1. What a wild ride this has been, huh? I mean everything... it seems like nothing has come or will ever come easy in the world of babymaking/parenting/etc.

    I have no advice, but know I am thinking of you a lot and your two babies. And now I'm thinking of your other babies as frozen embryos! I don't know if I even knew that there were some frozen in waiting. What a noble thing to give them away. I know it's something you have to assume might happen and a big decision to make when saving them. Good luck to you. I'd love to read an update as well. And oh, I definitely think they are yours right now!