Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day

Well a quickie post here. My Mom had major surgery this past Friday. They went in to remove her gall bladder and then found a hole in her colon, an absess, a mass and staples in her gall bladder. The surgeon came out of the surgery to ask my family if they could remove more than expected. So in the end they did get the gall bladder out, part of her colon and the mass (which the surgeon says is likely cancerous). So now we wait for the biopsy results and where we are headed next. My Mom is still in recovery at the hospital and I am going up this Wednesday and will stay for a five days. I can't wait to see my Mom and other family. I so need to see them and talk with her medical team.

So in the meantime I am keeping myself busy by packing, cleaning house, trying to do homework for class and not thinking about my Mom. We had a Valentine's Dinner tonight. I had big plans to do this Thursday but since I will be gone, I wanted to do this today. Hubs and I had dinner and exchanged small gifts. I also have another gift from LB that I will tell my husband about on Thursday over the phone. He got Daddy a Le Creuset orange mug that he has been eyeing for some time at the home good stores. My hubs got me the latest Baked cookbook that has been out for a few months. Can't wait to try a new recipe. I hope everyone has a good week and Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Thinking of your mother and praying it is not cancer. Wishing her well and a quick recovery.